Entryway Tips

Visitors get their first impression of residential property from a home entryway. If this area of your home isn't up to par, request services from CAM Door & Deck Restorations. We provide residential maintenance that improves the entryway and related areas of your home.

Clean Up Your Entryway with These 3 Post-Winter Tips

1. Fight Salt Stains
Many homeowners opt to mitigate icy sidewalks and decks with rock salt. After a thorough shoveling, this mineral can help harness the power of the sun to melt ice and make your entryway safer. Unfortunately, salt often leaves behind white stains. You can remove these marks with a power washing session. The pressurized water will blast off the salt and leave your deck, stairs, and sidewalk looking great.

2. Refinish the Wood
Next, move on to refinishing the wood. Many decks and stairwells require staining and resealing every year or two to improve their look and durability. Since the power washer already helped strip the old stain or paint off, you can let the wood dry and then get started on adding new coats along with protective weather sealant.

3. Add Curb Appeal
Since your entryway is now a clean slate, it's time to add some curb appeal. Consider repainting your door frame or stairway if the areas could use it. Add some potted plants to bring some color to the entryway and give the door and windows a good washing, so they're crystal clear and sparkling.

Put Us to Work

While you can follow these steps to do your own restoration work, we will gladly perform the job for you. To talk with us about scheduling power washing and deck restoration once the temperature rises, call (347) 415-3430. Our team provides high-quality home improvement services to transform your house.