Before and after pool deck restoration

Deck Restoration That Protects the Wood

A deck takes a beating from the elements year-round. If your deck needs repairs or maintenance after a long winter, trust the deck restoration specialists at CAM Door & Deck Restorations to help. We provide deck maintenance such as wood staining, power washing, and additional solutions to improve the look, value, and safety of your investment.

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Top 3 Repair & Maintenance Inspection Tips for Spring

1. Look for Signs of Structural Damage
During winter, snow and ice can accumulate on the deck. Once the weather gets warmer, and the ice melts, the standing water can warp wooden floorboards, crack concrete surfaces, corrode metal fasteners, and lead to other vulnerabilities. The damage can compromise the structural integrity of the deck. Look for any cause for alarm, so you can address the issue immediately.

2. Check Exterior Fixtures for Cracks & Leaks
Exterior outlets and faucet installations are common fixtures on outdoor decks. After months buried under piles of snow, outlet casings could have cracked.

If the caulking on plumbing fixtures is worn, it can cause leaks later. Inspect the fixtures for signs of damage. Repairing broken electrical paneling or piping could be dangerous and difficult, so leave the work in professional hands.

3. Examine Vents for Signs of Rodents
During winter, rodents and additional pests look for places to stay warm. This means they might have taken up residence inside vents on or near the deck. Look through vent openings for rodent nests, droppings, or additional signs of their presence. If you see anything troubling, call a pest control specialist for help.

5 Deck Restoration Tips for Fall Parties

1. Add Lighting for Ambiance
Once the sun begins setting sooner, keep your soirees going after dark by incorporating some lighting features into your outdoor area. You can string lights from deck railings using shepherd's hooks. If you're feeling festive, you might even choose to purchase lights in fun holiday colors.

2. Keep Guests Warm
Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing ample heat sources. Consider purchasing a gas fire pit or patio heaters to provide warmth on your deck or patio. Use these heating tools according to manufacturers' directions to avoid any fire hazards.

3. Prepare for the Big Game
Host a game day by equipping your deck with a TV. While you could always invest in an outdoor entertainment set, this budget-friendly option is quick and easy. Simply set up a TV on an appropriate stand outside and use the Wi-Fi to stream your game of choice. Remember to bring it inside once you're finished to keep it protected from the weather.

4. Spruce Up Your Seating
To make your seating more inviting without purchasing a new outdoor set, opt for patio furniture restoration. Our professionals can make your chairs and tables look brand new in a short amount of time. Plus, having your furniture restored in the fall will prepare it for winter storage.

5. Schedule Staining
A final, yet powerful, deck restoration tactic to consider is staining. If you have a big event such as a milestone birthday or anniversary party coming up, staining is an excellent way to restore your deck's appearance and make a stunning visual impact. We recommend leaving plenty of time for it to dry completely before guests arrive.